Clerkenwell Boy - Behind The Scenes



Tell us about your job as a lifestyle influencer?

My passion has always been in food and travel. When I first moved from Sydney to London, I spent almost every month travelling to a new city (including Paris, Rome, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Lisbon, Venice) - and would fall in love with the local cuisine and culture. These days I do a lot of consulting for international hotels, bars, restaurants and private members clubs. It’s great to be able to take the knowledge from my travels and work with top chefs to create restaurant concepts and menus - inspired by the food that I love. Pre-covid I also curated quite a lot of supper clubs, putting a spotlight on young chefs and new talent. There’s no pictures of me on the internet - I prefer to work behind the scenes and let others shine instead. I also co-founded global charity campaign and self published a charity cookbook which went on to raise over £1,000,000 to support children impacted by war.


I know you do a lot of photography – How did you get into it?

Mainly just by taking snaps on my phone when travelling or dining out at new restaurants. It started out more as a visual diary - but now a lot of people follow my Instagram for inspiration and as a guide for where to dine, what to eat and places to travel. I still shoot all my content using a mobile phone.


And now you are working on a new app – what makes it special?

I’ve been working with the founder of @onezoneapp to create a free app for millennials to discover and book the best places to eat, drink and stay in London with major international cities, including New York, to follow. It’s a super curated list of restaurants, bars, cafes, bakeries and hotels - overseen by a panel of experts, with amazing photography, helpful tips and descriptions, plus direct access to booking ahead. 


"I’d be keen to dine with Banksy as we both prefer to remain anonymous and not show our face in public."


Who is the ultimate person you would like to dine with and why?

I’d be keen to dine with Banksy as we both prefer to remain anonymous and not show our face in public. I like how he uses art and political humour to challenge convention and shine a spotlight on important social issues.


Have you seen health and wellness and men’s grooming shift in the past few years?

Yes - I have lots of male friends (chefs and those in the hospitality industry) who are not afraid to talk about mental health issues on their social - and I have run supper clubs to promote their charities and campaign. for a while now I have been drawn to brands that focus on natural ingredients, sustainability and have a good ethical foundation. I'm not the only one as more and more male brands are focusing on these aspects. 


"I have been drawn to brands that focus on natural ingredients"



Clerkenwell Boy on SNY

I love the fact that SNY uses clean and plant derived ingredients. Most products on the market use synthetic chemicals. The simplicity and ethos of SNY really appeals to me.


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