The Father Behind The Formula


With Father's Day on the horizon we sat down with founder and Father Jake to get the lowdown on SNY and what it means to be a Dad.

You have previously mentioned that you were thinking about your kids when you were starting SNY. Tell us about that.

Well first, I am so lucky to be a father to two incredible boys. It is cliché but fatherhood is the hardest, scariest and most fulfilling thing that has ever happened to me. I am constantly in this internal conversation, trying to anticipate what they are feeling and experiencing, and putting myself in their shoes - trying to remember from many years ago. Anyway, in the process of developing SNY, I spent a lot of time thinking about the next generations. We all need products that we feel connected to, that are an improvement on previous generations of products. So while SNY is not a product made for kids, I did want to make something that would connect with a younger generation.

And so how do you think SNY connects to other generations?

Well from a formula perspective, SNY is made with only clean ingredients. That is something that everyone, young or old should be interested in. We put too much on our bodies that is not good for us - things like aluminum in antiperspirant. We know more now about the adverse effects of those chemicals and we made sure to leave them out. I think through fatherhood, I have a new clarity on what is important for me and those that I love.

How else has being a father opened up new appreciations for you?

You get to see things through your kids' eyes. As a creative person, that is such a gift. When you can open yourself up to new perspectives and challenge yourself to think differently, life is much more exciting!

Do you think today’s fathers have it harder, easier or just different?

It's much harder these days. The pandemic certainly added a tremendous amount of pressure. Then social media, and the pressures that come with that are sure hard on kids. Social media is really hard on all of us as it can be such a negative and divisive platform. One of our primary goals for SNY is to project a real, diverse and positive image. No toxicity in our formulas, nor on our social channels!




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